What You Should Know About Skype IP Resolver?


Many internet users use Skype for communication. There is no doubt that Skype is excellent software for text chats and video chats, but it comes with some risks. It is possible to easily identify your id and flood your Skype box with spam and abusive comments. More number of Skype users has reported spam from other Skype users. If you are looking to identify and report the spammer to the police, you need to find the IP address of the spammer. The good thing is that the IP resolver software is there to help you get IP address of the spammer and many more.

Simply read further to find out what are the details you could extract by using the IP resolver. Some of the services offered by IP resolver are Skype to IP, IP to Skype, Email to Skype, Skype to Email, Database Lookup. Now, let us shortly explain about each service.

Skype to IP can provide details of the spammer in addition to IP address. This service can provide details such as geographical location of the IP, region, city, country, zip code and other related details. IP to Skype is just the reverse way of the above service, and it means you could identify the Skype using the IP address. Email to Skype is an attractive feature offered by the resolver. Using this feature, you would be able to get the Skype of the spammer using his or her email id. The reverse of this feature is Skype to Email, where you would get the email name of the spammer with his or her Skype name. Database Lookup service helps to get information if any of the above mentioned did not work.

The IP address would not directly help you know the real identity of the spammer, but it helps you and the police to quickly find out the actual spammer. You could learn more about getting the IP address using the Skype IP resolver program.