Tips To Attract People To Your Blog


Evidence proves that blogs are mandatory when you have a website for your enterprise. Research findings have shown that 60% of the online businesses who have a blog have gained from their blog posts. More than a promotional tool, blogs make a win-to-win situation for you as well as your customers or prospects. To know the importance of blogs, you, as a business owner can browse the website and can have a better understanding. For using the blog on your free website log on to to know more information about blog posts.

Be yourself as a good blogger

A blog simply means logging on the web and in a lay man’s language it is a personal diary on the World Wide Web. Since blogging is not a rocket science, you can be a blogger for your own business website. In case if you are busy in your daily business routines, you can still hire a blogger and make a blog post on your website. However, the option is with you. If you want to be a professional blogger, here are 8 effective tips for you to implement in your website
· Writing interesting posts: This should come naturally to bloggers. But most of them may have a habit of forgetting the fact that their visitors are real people. So, it is important to observe good online copywriting practices by making catchy headlines and contents, which are interesting and informative. If you are able to write posts that evoke the curiosity of your readers, they will return for more.

Keep your posts short, conversational and talk about just one topic for each post. Update your blog with fresh contents regularly so your visitors will return often as well as search engine spiders will crawl it more often.
· Search engine optimization for your post: The most important rules to getting your blog ranked for keywords are as follows:
-The blog URL should have the primary keyword.
-The title text of your post should contain the primary keyword.
-Secondary keywords should be used sparingly in your content proper or body.
-The anchor texts or links in the body or posts should contain the keywords.
· Blog and RSS feed submission: Once you have set up your blog, you should submit your blog and RSS feed to popular directory sites such as Yahoo, Digg, etc. as well as many other search engines and blog directories.
· Ping the blog services: There are a lot of services for the purpose of connecting and tracking blogs. You have to send a small ping to every service, and all of them will automatically be informed of any updates so they could come to your blog to find out.
The list goes on as the act of blogging is dynamic and varies as per the trends in the overall market. Among many of the proven marketing strategies, making a blog post in your website has innumerable benefits. Most importantly, it connects you directly to your customers, and it is highly interactive.