Understanding the White Label Reputation Management Dashboard

The white label reputation management companies will provide a dashboard that has a complete summary of your important URLs and domain. These domains are listed in the dashboard so as to notify your maintenance. You can monitor the list and reduce negative comments that are displayed at the top of the search engine results page. The dashboard report remains rich and has options which will allow for personalized views.

What are the features in the white label reputation management dashboard?

Graph: A visual graphical representation will display on top of the dashboard. You can access by hitting the graph icon. The graph will represent details of the change, Google algorithm updates, URL changes and more. If you are interested to view bya specific date, you can move the cursor and view the report according to the date.

Report options: If you wish to see the report for a particular date, click the icon named calendar and select the range according to the dashboard.

Keywords: It is easy to select the keywords from the dashboard. All you have to do is to choose the preferred keywords that you wish to include by either none or all link for instant selection from the report. You can filter by selecting the tags and get the desired reports.

Search Engine: By this option, you can choose which search engine to include in your report. The dashboard will have up and down arrows so as to bring out the report if necessary.

The white label reputation management dashboard assists you in managing and monitoring your online reputation. It is very easy when you get assistance from a leading reputation management company. You can easily get to know the comments and feedback of your customers, popular trends and talks about your business in networking sites and review sites like Yelp and Google Plus. It helps to receive notification and monitor your rating whenever you get a new review from any of your company listing sites.