Top Ten Benefits Of Using Magento Platform


It is really hard to select the right e-commerce option as per your business requirement from the plenty of options. Magento ecommerce platform is reputed among the business owners because of its capabilities and it offers several advantages to the online store. The top ten benefits of Magento are explained below.

The first one is versatile content management. A creative, visual based page editor permits the online store owners to develop and customize their products available for sale. The online e-commerce platform with an option of user-friendly What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) is good for those who want to use basic functioning in the shopping cart. Magento has mobile-friendly configuration. Its shopping cart is designed responsive for good viewing on tablets, Smartphone and other mobile devices. It is well-suited for recent consumer shopping trend of using the mobile device for shopping the products from various online stores.

It supports advanced SEO option. Magento offers various methods to improve your website traffic. It was created as a SEO efficiency platform that makes your product a greater option to appear in popular search engines such as Bing, Google and many others. If you are familiar with SEO methods and techniques then you can customize your own SEO implementations.

Magento ecommerce platform can handle 500000 products in a website and support more than 80000 orders in an hour. It means you have lot of room available for future expansion of your products and shopping cart. Because of its complexity and size, it has special hosting requirements for better performance and loading speeds. You must be willing to spend additional hosting requirements.

You can develop up-sells and cross-sells in Magento easily. It is easy to add prompts in Magento for browse related options on checkout pages and product. It boosts sales potential and user-experience. You must make sure that your website contains relevant accessories, same product cross-sells and more in margins. You must link your e-commerce website experience in other third party integrations. Magento offers the online store owners to use Google Analytics and other third-party integrations in the site to do data analysis.

Your online store using Magento e-commerce platform is safe and control internal access with numerous level of security permissions. It has additional defense against unnecessary breaches with CAPTCHA-equipped login screens, and a secondary password system. It boosts users experience with advanced search features that filter the product items based on the multitude of parameters. It has distinct product tag filters, search term cloud, product reviews, compared and recently viewed products and search with auto-suggested terms.

It is used by several millions of business firms and has a very vast community. Apart from the existing users, new business firms also prefer Magento because of its customization option and backbone for their business requirements.

You can save your time and money by using the open source Magento platform. You can share and use the tools in Magento rather than designing from the scratch. It saves your money and time by using the one Magento for your various online stores.

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